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The Curb Mask STory

Let’s be honest …

No one really likes wearing or wants to wear a mask.

Here is what we heard when we asked people what they don’t like about masks …

So, we decided to do something about it.
In March 2020 we embarked on a journey to design an affordable mask the delivers supreme comfort.

We built our masks from the ground up utilising the skills of a top designer from New York, making them uber comfortable by using the very best fabric we could find.

It took 2 months of intensive product development to nail our design. Hundreds of hours on designs and prototypes, 2 national surveys of over 1000 people, countless versions of designs and endless fabric samples until we finally were happy to launch Curb.

We took on board all the feedback we needed to create the perfect fitting mask for Adults and Kids. We call our customers The Curb Crew – and thousands of them have shown us it’s all been worth it.

“Our ambition was to design a mask which would do good, look good, be affordable and feel good. Safety and Comfort are key”
Who Are We?

We are a family run business that wanted to make a difference and make a positive impact. We are our own product!

Our own families range from 6 months to 29 years of age and everything in between so we fully understand how important it is right now to have affordable, comfortable and safe products.
“All In, All Together”
We’re proud to be
About Your Mask
The top 4 reasons people love our masks…so we have been told:
You get the peace of mind that our masks have been designed using CAD-Technology, the best fabric, (lightweight, 3 layered, hard-wearing, washable) and have the highest quality control and manufacturing process.
Above all, they are comfortable and still affordable.

Our designer

Will trained at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. We needed this sort of expertise to deliver the best mask on the market

Our fabric

Three layers, lightweight, cotton lined. Highly effective protection - yes. Comfort - absolutely.

Our manufacturing process

The masks are made to the highest quality and standard with our manufacturing partner being ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001 accredited. On top of this, they are compliant with the highest prestige certificate in textiles and systems of Oeko-Tex 100.

Our design

More space around your nose and mouth. You can talk easy. Breathe easy. And it won’t smudge your lipstick or get sticky from lip balms

Our styles

A great range to choose from for adults and kids

Our fit

Soft, snug but gentle thanks to our double fold elastic. No need for a nose clip (these break anyway)

Our brand

Cool, understated and stitched into our soft fold sides.

Eco Friendly

Washable, rapid dry - over and over and over again.

The Curb Caddy

Our Curb Crew love us for this, and why wouldn’t they? It wasn’t enough just to design the best mask on the market, you also need somewhere safe to keep it!

Join The Curb Crew

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Meet The Curb Team
Ideas Generator

Monique also runs a highly successful consumer insight business. Her understanding of what people want and need has driven the development of Curb.

Likes: walking in the woods with their dogs, foraging for mushrooms and cooking. Known as Pavlova Queen.

Head of Dispatch

Pete joins the dots and is in charge of getting our masks, packs and caddies from our manufacturers to our warehouses (in UK, New Zealand, Australia) and onwards to you.

Likes: Tottenham Hotspur, running a local Fringe Festival, Cole Slaw King and boss of Bernaise sauce.

Product Designer

Trained in New York, Will designs the shape and style of Curb Masks focusing on comfort, fit and style.

Likes: the gym, reality TV shows, design and very dirty Martinis.

Number Cruncher

Ben comes from the world of finance and keeps on eye on the incomings and outgoings. He is passionate about healthcare and is involved in numerous businesses in this industry.

Likes: All sports involving a ball, having a BBQ and collecting wine

Human Behaviour Specialist

Colin specialises in understanding human behaviour and what is changing around the world. He is passionate helping people live a more holistic and more comfortable life .

Likes: Working with horses and riding, sports cars and spending time with family

Aussie Director

David heads up Curb Mask in Australia making sure everything is running smoothly. David is super passionate about customer service and quality control making sure everything is right and delivered on time.

Likes: Travelling, good wine, relaxing with family & friends

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